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of designing sustainable, inclusive, data- and consensus-driven governance and decision-making processes that will help you increase the quality of life in your communities. Our work is based on state-of-the-art know-how in the field of public participation, civic engagement, urban planning, and data utilization.

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Good governance and decision-making start from effective processes that respond directly to the needs of a given community. With more than 200 projects on four continents designed, consulted, or managed by our team of experts, we can help you select and tailor a process that responds to the unique needs of your community and incorporates international best practices.


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Participatory Budgeting


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About Us

Participation Factory is a social enterprise that mainstreams participation and data-driven approaches into governance and process design. The core of our work is achieving a better quality of life for all and creating an environment for development through better data and meaningful stakeholder engagement. With more than 200 projects on 4 continents designed, consulted, or managed by our team of experts, we help our clients to set up a process that considers both local context and international best practices tested anywhere from New York City, the US to New Delhi, India.

Our vision is to foster an environment of governance and decision-making based on the inclusion of all parts of the society and comprehensive utilization of data available. We strongly believe that a community that runs on a deep understanding of the needs and preferences of all is the one that will continuously increase the quality of life of its members and will produce the most effective and sustainable solutions to any old and new challenges faced by it.

We have successfully helped 12 districts of Prague create a participation infrastructure, and we are currently working with the Ministry of Interior of Slovakia to establish participation coordinators’ teams in 6 regions of Slovakia. We are also engaged in trans-national projects like the Visegrad Youth Participates that support regional actors in mainstreaming School Participatory Budgeting.

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We are always looking for talent that could help us deliver better services to our clients and thus to produce more impact on the wellbeing of our clients’ communities!

Participation Factory is a small team of public participation experts surrounded by a large pool of experts in different fields who complement our expertise in order to deliver high quality services in a large variety of complex projects.

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