Participation, my love 2021

by Participation Factory

With our Slovakian colleagues, we hosted an event about participation


As a part of the Open Government Week organised annually by Open Government Partnership, the event Participation, my love 2021 took place on 25th May. The Office of the Plenipotentiary for the Development of the Civil Society and Participation Factory co-hosted the event. Besides the speakers from Participation Factory, the Plenipotentiary’s Office or Komenský University, this gathering attracted a fair number of attendants from all parts of Slovakia and the Czech Republic.


The event was divided into three thematic parts: Participation in public administration, Coordinators of participation and Examples from practice. Among the topics discussed were participation in Czechia, Slovakia and the world, the most prevalent misconceptions, what traits should a coordinator of participation have and who they are, capacity building in public administration, accessibility of a city, transportation and information, Civic Tech or engaging young people in participation.


Participation Factory presented in all three parts. We shared, among other things, the desired traits of a participation coordinator based on our knowledge from the pilot program Coordinators of participation planning which we work on with IPR, a short introduction to Civic Tech and how to engage young people in participation and political life which we have experience with thanks to the Billion Rise project. We also offered our mentorship program to attendees who need advice or help in the field of participation.


So if you’re dealing with a complex project or aren’t sure where to begin with participation, you may sign up for our mentorship program. Fill out the application here and introduce yourself and your planned or running project. That way, you may get 5 hours of mentorship for free. If you don’t need help but are interested in participation or our services connected to it, leave us a message at