Our team

Tomáš Rákos, Co-founder

A leading participation expert who worked on projects in such countries as the US, the UK, France, Tunisia, Colombia, India, Zambia, and the Czech Republic. Tom’s key expert areas include participation process design, stakeholder engagement, youth participation strategies, civic tech consulting, data analysis, strategic planning for communities of various sizes, and capacity building. In the past he co-founded and ran D21, a social enterprise that provided SW and consulting services on public engagement processes. He led a team that for the past four years implemented a digital voting solution for the NYCC Participatory Budgeting (PB) process. He is currently focusing on bringing participatory principles into smart city planning processes.


Katya Petrikevich, Co-founder

An international public participation expert. She worked as a senior consultant coordinating activities of international teams as well as designing participation processes and supporting the delivery of the projects in the Czech Republic and abroad. As a part of her work, Katya conducted research on current trends in technology and innovation for the EU Commission and led trainings across the EU and abroad, including one for young Western African leaders and activists in Abidjan, Ivory Coast. She is currently working on mainstreaming best practices in participation into policy-making and strategic planning processes. At the moment, Katya serves as a board member of the Global PB Hub and mentors PB practitioners and innovators as a part of People Powered and Prague Civil Society programs.


Anna Těhlová, Managing Director

Anna’s expertise is in participatory urban planning. She co-founded and coordinated the non-profit organisation Public Space Network in Nairobi, Kenya introducing a participatory public space management system through collaboration with communities, municipalities, urban professionals and other stakeholders, which was recognized as a best practice by several international awards and media. Currently as partner at Participation Factory, Anna manages an innovative pilot program mainstreaming participatory planning system in the city of Prague. As a part of her work, Anna has visited over 13 countries in Francophone Africa, during which she was brought to engage with high-level government officials. Anna has masters in urban policy with focus on African and South American cities from Sciences Po University in Paris.



Mila Fekiačová, Managing Partner

Mila has experience working in international teams, above all in German-speaking countries. At the moment, she coordinates projects in Czechia and Slovakia and manages a large-scope innovative project in cooperation with Prague Institute of Planning and Development to systematically increase participation. She has experience with facilitation and, as a coordinator of the Billion Rise project, with youth engagement.