Our team

Tomáš Rákos, Co-founder

A leading participation expert with experience working on projects in countries such as the US, the UK, France, Tunisia, Colombia, India, Zambia, or the Czech Republic, Tom builds on his rich field experience and transfers it to conceptual work and design of  tailor-made participation processes combining international best practices and the local specifications. Tom’s key expert areas include participation process design, stakeholder engagement, youth participation strategies, civic tech consulting, data analysis, strategic planning for communities of various sizes, and capacity building.

In the past he co-founded and ran D21, a social enterprise that provided software and consulting services on public engagement processes. He led a team that for the past four years implemented a digital voting solution for the NYCC Participatory Budgeting (PB) process.

Tom is passionate about sharing his extensive know-how and mentoring upcoming participation experts. Tom’s background is in communications and media and he brings this expertise to the participation processes.


Katya Petrikevich, Co-founder and International Director

Katya leads international activities of Participation Factory and works on mainstreaming the best practices in the field of public participation and CivicTech through providing senior advising on participatory process design for international and domestic projects alike. She is also currently serving as a member of a Participatory Budgeting practitioners board of People Powered and provides mentoring to implementers of Participatory Budgeting around the world.

In the course of her work, Katya supported domestic and international offices of a civic tech and advisory company and provided expertise for the development of new methodologies. As a part of her work, she also conducted research on current trends in tech and innovation for the EU Commission, trained young Western African leaders and activists at the TechCamp in Abidjan, Ivory Coast, and served as a jury member of the Prague Civil Society competition SWITCH.

An alumna of Columbia University and SciencesPo Paris, Katya always tries to bring her extensive knowledge of political science and human rights into the field of participation and civic engagement with special attention paid to the issues of gender parity and inclusion of marginalized groups.


Anna Těhlová, Managing Director

Anna leads the Participation Factory operations and ensures everything in our Factory is running smoothly in order to grow the participation agenda both in the Czech Republic and abroad. She ensures the strategic oversight to keep our company on the right track to keep thriving. Anna also manages complex participation projects, in particular focused on system participation, diagnostics, and strategic planning.

In the past, Anna co-founded and led the Public Space Network in Nairobi, Kenya introducing a participatory public space management system bringing together communities, local government, experts and other stakeholders. The approach was recognized as a best practice for citizen engagement by several international awards and media. Having an academic background in urban policy with focus on Africa and South America from SciencesPo University in Paris, Anna navigates the francophone environment fluently and is passionate about contributing to improving quality of life and enhancing sustainability of fast-growing developing cities.


Mila Fekiačová, Managing Partner

Mila has been a core member of Participation Factory since its very beginning. With her work and study experience in Germany, she successfully used her communication skills in local and international participatory projects of different complexities. A strong believer in the power of strong and sustainable organizations and individuals, she is keen on designing and delivering online and offline workshops and facilitations for clients of different backgrounds. She simultaneously  co-manages multiple youth-led projects in the Czech republic and abroad.





Renáta Balogh, Project Manager

Renáta supports the delivery of both Czech and international participatory projects from initial data gathering and analysis to process design and organization of public participation events. She has an academic background in arts management and business administration and work experience in both the public and private sector.

In the past, she effectively handled responsibilities within cultural institutions, including managing and training small teams, creating content for digital marketing tools or overall client management. Having a deep interest in the socio-economic aspects of urban planning, Renáta is committed to successfully managing participatory projects of various scales.

Currently, Renáta is also responsible for Marketing and R&D within the organization. She puts great emphasis on sustainable development and customer satisfaction while always looking for improvement and new approaches.


Karel Kolář, Project Manager

Karel is an essential team member working on designing both Czech and international participation projects and ensuring their smooth delivery. He is driven by a strong motivation to improve the environment of cities by making them more sustainable and open to citizens. Karel believes that a well-informed and well-engaged public is the key to a thriving society. Karel has an academic background in aesthetics (art and culture), so he brings a new approach to urban planning and participation projects.

In addition to this, Karel supports Business Development and Sales activities. His previous experience in establishing and managing a Czech branch of a retail store provides him with a vast set of skills for creating sustainable solutions and supporting clients in finding what fits them best.