71 out of 579! The first participatory meeting in the small village of Mnetěš

by Participation Factory

A three-hour workshop for residents of the village was held as part of the preparations for the new Mnetěš Public Space Study. Despite initial concerns, the turnout was huge. We would like to thank all participants!

Public space is a complex and difficult topic. Therefore, stations with additional information panels were set up for the locals. The aim of the meeting was to explain how the spatial study works and what key issues the municipality is addressing, and to gather input on the current and future shape of the municipality.

The architects preparing the study selected four main areas for future improvements: the avenue leading to Říp Mountain, public spaces and ponds, parking, and green spaces. Participants could formulate their suggestions for these improvements on the prepared maps.

The mood at Sunday’s workshop was nice and friendly. A total of 71 people came, which is more than 12% of the population. It was clear that the residents of Mnetěš want to talk about the future direction of the village.

We would like to also thank the volunteers – not only for their assistance during the workshop but also for the wonderful refreshments. The most enjoyable part, however, was watching more than a dozen children filling in a quiz related to the village and drawing how they imagined the future public space of Mnetěš.

Special thanks also go to the Koridor D8 association, of which the municipality of Mnetěš is a member and which participated in the event.

The overall results of the workshop will be compiled and published by the end of October. We at the Participation Factory are responsible for the workshop itself and the processing of its outputs. We will forward the outputs to the architects who will work with them further. The feedback from the citizens will then be printed in the final conceptual study and in the concrete proposals for improvements to the public space of the municipality.


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